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Superyacht Technology Summit & VIP Experience at ISE 2022

ISE 2022 is delighted to introduce its first Superyacht Technology Summit dedicated exclusively to Superyacht Technology. Following on from the success of the Superyacht Technology Conference in October 2021, the team from Superyacht Technology are bringing you the Superyacht Technology Summit & VIP Experience on Friday 4th February 2022, this will involve a half-day Summit and half-day VIP Experience followed by a lavish dinner at one of Barcelona’s top eateries.

Jack Robinson, founder of Superyacht Technology News, Superyacht Technology Conference and now Superyacht Technology Summit and VIP Experience, answered some questions about the event.

What trends are affecting the superyacht sector?

1. One major shift in the superyacht industry over the last decade has been the change in the demographic of superyacht owners. They are now younger, tech-savvy and their demands are truly affecting the industry for the better, making technology work faster, sleeker, and more efficiently.

2. The superyacht industry has needed to go green. An industry based on indulgence, wealth, speed and spending, historically did not have green credentials at its core, but the industry has turned a corner and realised that not only is ‘going green’ essential it is better for all involved. There are some incredible associations and initiatives to support this, and technology companies are building sustainability into their research and development.  There are numerous articles on this website covering this topic, for example:

What is your shade of green?  

3. The superyacht industry has a lot to learn from other industry global leaders and innovations, for example, smart homes have led the way to smart superyachts. It is not a case of purely copy and pasting from other industries though as superyachts require additional finessing in the development stage. For example, LG roll-up TV is exactly the type of technology that new owners will be looking for, however, the research and development required for superyachting includes additional things like vibration testing and changing environments. We cannot duplicate the current activity from industries outside the superyacht industry, but we can learn, improve, and grow mutually.

What are the key themes being covered in the Superyacht Technology Summit & VIP Experience at ISE?

The Superyacht Technology Summit & VIP Experience on Friday 4th February 2022 will involve a half-day summit covering tech talks to engage with the best in the superyacht industry. This will be followed by a half-day VIP Tour of ISE and a shipyard followed by a lavish dinner at one of Barcelona’s top eateries.

The key themes we will cover over the summit and experience are:

1. Integration. Key industry leaders will discuss how the process works, what we should expect from great integrators.

2. Unity. We want to encourage an industry that works together. Competition is growth, we need to learn from how we can unite, including technical crew, shipyards, and management companies. We will be disclosing at the event the creation of our steering council in the superyacht technology sector, with industry leaders guiding the strategy and direction of technology in the industry in the future.

3. Success. Tech Talks will cover how to be a successful company in the superyacht industry and highlight how blue-chip companies can work successfully with superyacht R&D teams.

4. Future. What is the future of technical management in the superyacht industry, with technology as a whole moving towards AI, automation, and smart interactions? What does this vision of technology mean to the staff on the ground?

5. Learning. What can we learn from the companies that are at ISE? We are here to learn as well as educate.

How relevant are these themes as we emerge from the pandemic?

There has been a huge growth of 45% in 2020 (superyacht growth is measured by order books based on new build orders and major refits). The standard growth of the industry of 25% year on year is already astounding, however, it shows that the global pandemic has only highlighted the security of a superyacht. UHNWI have continued to make money during the pandemic and have insisted on a safe, virus-free environment for their family and work teams. Superyacht Technology News has covered this extensively discussing protected, specific systems of covid busting technology creating a perfect environment from the safety of your superyacht without interruption from any upcoming environments/viruses.

What can attendees expect at the Superyacht Technology Summit?

· Short TED-style talks

· VIP tour of ISE creating an engaging experience with blue-chip companies

· A lavish networking dinner in one of Barcelona’s top restaurants*

· Free tickets to attend to carefully selected delegates with buying power

· Top ISE technology companies attending

· Incredible networking opportunities

· To find out more about Superyacht Technology events including the Superyacht Technology Conference in 2023

· Tech buyers, such as ETO’S/AVIT/ITO officers, Captains, Engineers and technical crew, owner’s reps, shipyard purchasing managers, buyers and project managers will be in attendance.

To find out more please email Jack directly on


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