Eco was a hot topic at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019 this year.  It may seem slightly contradictory that an industry built on wealth and debauchery is now being verbal about the economy.  But, it is what it is and the fact that businesses and owners are trying to do their bit for the world is a giant step in the right direction and one that we should support and actively encourage. 

Eco Yachts 

In the last 12 months, a number of eco yachts have been launched such as the Silent 55 solarpowered yacht, the S2.  Using the strapline of Silent Yachts ‘the only footprint you leave behind are those in the sand’.  They are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy, instead of traditional diesel or gas engines, transport by yacht without noise or exhaust.   More information on silent yachts can be found here.

The 49.9m MY Bintador was launched at Monaco Yacht Show, a hybrid superyacht, powered by two MTU 895kW engines and two 300kW electric motors fed by two 250 kW variable speed generators.  Available to run in a number of modes including traditional mode, buster mode, diesel-electric mode which allow for differing levels of fuelsaving and reduced noise levels.  But, it is in the Hybrid mode that Binator really shows its ecotechnology credentials.  In Hybrid mode, the electric motor works as an alternator and generates the electrical power needed to run the second electric motor for propulsion and yacht needs.  For more information read here.

Recently the Wider 165 yacht has been fitted with a new power management system that enables the vessel to cruise for more than 4 hours at 5 knots without producing any emissions.  More information on the Wider 165 can be found here and information on the motor manufacturer Nidec, here.

The Spirit 111 eco yacht has been built as an eco-friendly yacht the owner under the guidance of Spirit Yachts has designed a yacht that not only minimises energy consumption during operation but by worked sustainable materials during the construction phase, it makes it one of the most sustainable superyachts. Read more here.

Concept yachts 

A number of concept yachts have been introduced to us recently including the REV explorer vessel with sustainable energy solutions more can be read here. 

And of course, the stunning Sinot yacht, whose image we have used on our front cover of the Winter Blueprint 2019/2020.   The proposed superyacht would be powered entirely by fuel cell technology and liquid hydrogen.  Therefore the only emissions would be water! It is an interesting concept you can read more about in our article here.


Much investment into developing ecotechnologies within the superyacht industry has focused on fuels, alternative fuels including biofuel, hydrogen gas, hydrogen fuel cellsliquefied natural gas (LNG), hybrid yachts, battery bank storage, and electric motors.   

Fuel is a serious issue.  On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce a 0.5% global sulphur cap on fuel for areas currently allowing a 3.5% limit. All vessels will be required to use fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5% unless they use exhaust gas cleaning systems. So, yacht designers, shipyards and owners will have to consider very seriously their options for green fuel alternatives going forward. 

Joanna Palmer, Editor of Superyacht Technology News spoke to Leigh Moylan, an Asia-Pacific Fuel Specialist at Catalano Shipping Services who said “I actually spend quite a lot of time researching tech developments within the environmentally sustainable industry.  My take on it is that everyone can make a positive change either in their working or personal life.  From a fuel perspective, Biofuels could replace petrochemical fuels quite seamlessly. 

Plastic Pollution 

Plastic pollution in the oceans that cause harm to the marine environment and wildlife is an issue that is very topical.  A lot has been written in the press already about singleuse plastics and cosmetic microplastics causing havoc in the seas.  When fish mistake tiny piece of plastic for food this is passed through the food chain, and onto our own plates.   

Ocean Conservation by Superyacht Businesses

We can all do our bit and below are just a few of the many missions and fundraisers being completed by superyacht businesses and individuals.   


Camper & Nicholson recently announced their partnership with Mission Blue. The non-profit organization is a leading advocate of ocean conservation, led by Dr. Sylvia Earle. This collaboration will seek to stimulate discussions, educate, and empower all Camper & Nicholsons stakeholders including customers, yacht owners, brokers, captains, crews and charter guests to protect the water covering 71% of the planet’s surface: the ocean. Find out more here.

Ecoworks Marine is a company that produces, markets and distributes a range of environmentally benign, sustainable, nonflammable and human safe maintenance and cleaning products, for a broad range of superyacht applications.  Their products are Marpol compliant and specifically formulated for the marine industry. It is no longer necessary to use hazardous marine maintenance products that can be detrimental to the aquatic environment in order to keep your boat looking clean and shipshape providing super safe cleaning results with minimum stress on the user and on the environment. 

There are lots of ways you can get involved, and many superyacht businesses are now taking an avid interest.  Ones to follow are The Clean Superyacht Marina Campaign,  Plastic Soup Foundation and The Ocean5

This article and many more are available to read online in the Superyacht Technology Winter Blueprint here.