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George Lucian ‘Fata Morgana’ superyacht concept

Monaco based yacht designer George Lucian has designed a futurist superyacht designed to evoke the Arctic landscape.  The concept has been designed to raise awareness of climate change, specifically the melting waters of the North Pole.

The design resembles snow-covered rocks and an ‘iceberg’ shaped structure.  It is designed to be ultra-low emissions featuring high-tech sensors capable of monitoring water temperature and transmitting this information back to the relevant international ecological organisations.

Fata Morgana superyacht (c) George Lucian
Fata Morgana superyacht (c) George Lucian

The yacht is called ‘Fata Morgana’, which in Italian means mirage, but is widly known as a complex form of superior mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon.  As discussed this is just a concept, but are we about to embark on a new future of superyachts?

For more information on this and other George Lucian designs please visit the website.




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