Launched into the water at Haven Marina in Ipswich on 8 October, the Spirit 111 eco yacht was built by local company Spirit Yachts.

The Spirit 111 is built as an eco-friendly yacht the owner under the guidance of Spirit Yachts has designed a yacht that not only minimises energy consumption during operation but by worked sustainable materials during the construction phase, it makes it one of the most sustainable superyachts.

Electric Propulsion System

The yacht is equipped with a 100kW Torqeedo electric propulsion system that regenerates the two generators on board or by a large lithium DC Lewmar battery bank. This will propel the yacht silently for up to 40 nautical miles at 8 knots.  All power components have been carefully selected for their efficiency and use minimal energy.  The yacht has the ability to operate without using any fossil fuels thanks to an energy regeneration system that charges the BMW battery banks while the yacht is under sail. The yacht should operate for four days at anchor without having to start the onboard generators if the electric propulsion has charged the batteries whilst sailing to the destination.

Eco-friendly decisions

The yacht has virtually no light switches throughout her interior, with motion-sensors activating lights as needed, this means that the sensors will identify the path of an owner or guest in the dark and gently light the areas they are travelling in with a soft warm light.

Spirit 111 eco yacht (c) Spirit Yachts

Spirit 111 eco yacht (c) Spirit Yachts

Using a Vortex reservoir to reduce the amount of oil in the system by 90% gives a weight saving of 53% compared to a traditional power pack and saves the amount of oil required for servicing and lessens the impact on the environment.

Air conditioning and air heating are managed by two Webasto units provide air conditioning and air heating which have been designed to operate in the most power-efficient modes.  The air conditioning is so efficient that the generators are not required to run overnight even in the tropical climates.

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