State of the art connectivity for Monaco and beyond ….

Luxury at sea includes being fully connected at all times.  High-quality Internet connections and multimedia content delivery are no longer optional for today’s superyachts. Reliable connectivity is needed to manage day-to-day operations, maintain guest satisfaction and protect crew welfare.

Yet as every superyacht is unique, tailor-made solutions that combine highly advanced communications technology and data monitoring with unparalleled experience in the yachting market are required.


When choosing your communications services it is important to ensure that you choose a company that can offer state of the art technologies and exclusive satellite networks.


Orbis Yacht – 2019 advances


2019 has seen a number of technological jumps forward for Orbis Yacht.


They have developed their connectivity to bring higher internet speeds to your yacht.  Internally, by improving their technological platform and developing their global network they can provide increased reliability and greater coverage.


They have also launched their new high-speed VSAT service which brings speed up to 100 Mbps download speed over the VSAT.


Joanna Palmer, Editor of Superyacht Technology News, spoke to Adrien Pasqualon, Business Development Director at Orbis Yacht to find out more.  Adrien proudly announced “Here we are talking about optical fiber speed!  We have provided the 1st of our clients this season with a NewTec platform offering upgrades of 20 and 50 Mbps, and things went great”.


Adrien also explained “Today in yachting, VSAT is considered as a back-up of other connectivity solutions such as 4G, because it is seen as low bandwidth service. We are trying to change customers minds; showing that VSAT can bring valuable advantages, performances at reasonable costs”.


VSAT unlimited connectivity


Their VSAT offering is unlimited so the cost of connectivity is not linked to your consumption. On a large vessel with guests and crew using highly demanding applications such as video streaming, online gaming or social networks, end of month bills on of Internet 4G service can be tremendously high whilst VSAT offers a service for a fixed amount known in advance.


With their VSAT offering, you get a guaranteed bandwidth.  In comparison with 4G connection speed where it depends not only on the number of users, and not only the number of yachts, but also on all other people in that vicinity connecting to the same 4G antenna of an operator.  This can cause problems during high traffic hours.


VSAT offers coverage along the coast and out at sea.  It is not dependent on local operators of each country. In the Mediterranean, this is not such a problem as they provide single 4G sim for all EU, but in other remote areas such as the Caribbean, northern Europe, or other destinations clients often increase their VSAT service as they know they can rely on it.


Adrien also stated though “I have nothing against internet 4G as it has become a big part of our portfolio (together with VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium…), but I think yachts should have the right portfolio of communication solutions to cover all their needs and destinations, and I think VSAT deserves to come back with a more important share in their portfolio.  Of course, high bandwidth is more expensive than lower speed service, but with our flexibility, we can implement high-speed service just for short upgrades of a few weeks or months.  Thus, the owners’ benefit from better service when on board, and do not pay for it when they don’t need it. On a yearly basis, this high-speed service becomes valuable and affordable”.

By developing their technological platform, their aim is to ease the life of ETO’s and Captain’s,  by handling more and more monitoring and configuration modifications remotely so they just have to use their internet connection for their own job (and leisure), without having to care about how it works.  Orbis is consistently developing their “Control Operating Center” which provides high-level monitoring of all vessels, detects potential issues and undertakes proactive actions to prevent negative situations prior to them arising, whilst optimizing client bandwidth.


Operating directly from their Teleport in Milan and developing their own network with infrastructures, they operate remotely in other partner teleports throughout Europe, USA, and Australia.  The main objective of this is to guarantee a ‘back up teleport’ solution in case of external problems such as blackouts and bad weather.


Their other objective is to manage their global coverage, to follow their clients wherever they cruise, and to provide them with reasonable costs and maximum flexibility.  All technology only has a true sense if it brings added value to the customer.


Using Orbis’ exclusive systems, they work with you to fully understand your needs and design the right solution for your specific yacht, Orbis is your one-stop partner for communication solutions, hardware provision, installation, and 24/7 support.

Contact Orbis to discuss your yacht’s communications and data needs, we guarantee the highest quality, efficiency, security, flexibility and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

If you are at the Monaco Yacht Show contact Adrien to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.  He can be contacted on +33 (0)7 68 81 03 86

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