Wilko Darger talks about CELLweaver


We meet Wilko Darger, the co founder of CELLweaver to talk about their mission providing the fastest and most reliable internet service to yachts.

CELLweaver provides the only technology built specifically for use onboard superyachts accommodation the technical and security requirements that’s is unique. The technology allows to achieve an internet connection onboard that is reliable and more than ten times faster than the regular 4G devices.

With use of CELLweaver’s amplifiers, the yacht is able to stay connected within 24 nautical miles (46km) from shore and covers virtually all locations where the vessel is.


By combining up to four 4G or 3G SIM cards from the same network in a unit to create a single data stream, 3G speeds of around 15-40 Mbits/s are readily obtainable and 4G can deliver speeds of up to 400 Mbits/s.  This simple yet clever router is ideal for use in coastal waters where, given suitable mobile network coverage, it can deliver bandwidth considerably greater than VSAT at a very competitive cost. Integration into a yacht’s data / Wi-Fi network is quick and straightforward.

Over 60 superyachts have installed the system since it was first introduced to the market, including a number in excess of 100 metres in length. The company has also signed agreements with two management companies.



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