The Efficient Sea Application


We all know that paper is dead, particularly for the superyacht industry. After two years of developing and testing in real, operational situations, the Efficient Sea App has been created. This simple IPad application can hold a vast amount of documentation and a complete vessel management system, providing efficacy, order and ease onboard a vessel.

Efficient Sea App list of documentation:

  • All necessary forms for ISM, SMS and MLC compliance reporting
  • LSA & FFE checklists; Standard Operating Procedures
  • A full set of reference manuals, checklists, engineering schedules
  • Templates for accounting wages and charter expenses
  • Logs for crew and operational matters
  • Bridge operations
  • Safety protocols
  • Familiarisation forms for onboard operations and passenger activities
  • Arrival and departure forms for international ports
  • Shipyard job cards


  1. Hi Matt
    EfficientSea is available for download on the Apple store for iPad. It's free to download with access to basic operation and in app subscriptions for multiple sections dependant on your requirements. Everything you need to keep up to speed with legislative compliance.
    Feel free to take a look at the website or contact me directly for more information.
    This will make you life a lot easier.


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