Peplink: From an owners point of view

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We spoke to David Savage about how he uses the Peplink system in combination with his custom DDMI.

What can DDMI achieve when integrated with a VSAT and 4G system including Peplink?

The Multi WAN router allows the connection of a KU band antenna and service (one or more), a KA band antenna and service (one or more), 2 x 3G/4G cellular connections including Pepwave, marina Wi-Fi or a marina hardwired internet feed (such as a fibre link). The router then allows all of these options to act as a single internet connection, instantly switching from one to another depending on availability and service along with customer preference. This significantly increases uptime on board.

Peplink to combine 4G LTE, 3G and VSAT connections, ensuring that your clients have high-quality Wi-Fi Internet access wherever their journeys take them. PoE support simplifies each deployment.

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  1. Hi Quintin,
    Peplink devices also have this capability assuming they are configured correctly. Quality of service (QoS) is also available as well as in-depth reporting. Where Peplink really shine is the bandwidth bonding (to create a faster and more reliable connection) and fallback. Kerio can incur some packet loss in this area.


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