Justin Olesinski – The fusion between Technology and Design


At number 15 Pulteney Bridge in Bath and we spoke with Justin Olesinski; a world renowned designer, particularly in the relation of fusion between Technology and Design within the Superyacht Industry.

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Here is a little snippet of the interview:

Jack: So, the technical challenges, you have heat, obviously, the integrity of the hull itself, and for the repair and maintenance you need to account for storage, but I suppose if you want to change the lighting at any time it can be pre-programmed and I know for example by VPN, somebody coming in via virtual private network and you could actually, instantly change the programming. You could have somebody on contract to do that, so there’s an enormous amount you can do technically. Are you as a designer aware of these challenges?

Justin: We are to a certain level. We understand you can reprogram software to create and deliver different sound or different lighting, effects and atmosphere. I think it’s advantageous if you’re trying to sell your yacht because the new owner can personalise his/her yacht very quickly. You just need the right software and hardware and the future proofing thought to enable it to happen.

Jack: I think when we were talking earlier in the year and I did a little bit of an interview feature with IdeaWorks at METS again, and we were talking there of two very interesting things which was the circadian light which is recreating these natural rhythms, the natural light that used to exist, but they were also very focused, as I know for example David Milner of Veritas was, on very simple, you know, I’m having a party, I’m relaxing, or romantic or whatever you want the mood to be, I want simple controls, one touch and all the lighting changes.

Read the full interview here in our Digital Magazine


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