Breaking News: MTN open dedicated Superyacht Customer Service center in Miami

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Breaking News: MTN open dedicated Superyacht Customer Service centre in Miami.

We are aware of the many concerns voiced by ETO around VSAT customer service issues, given the cost of VSAT.

MTN have opened a dedicated Superyacht only service centre. We will be bringing you regular updates as we find out more.

We will explore this more on the 15th in the first edition of Superyacht Technology in our feature ETO X.
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  1. This story is several years old. In fact, MTN no longer exists as it was bought out by EMC quite some time ago. Reflects poorly on your ability to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks, we spoke to MTN and here is the response.I also wanted to clarify that the new Superyacht customer service centre has not yet formally been announced, it will be soon.We will break the news again, why don’t you subscribe to our magazine it’s free and we will keep you on the pulse!

      Even though we merged with EMC and Global Eagle the MTN branding has still remained solely for the Yacht team, so certainly not the ability of to stay on the pulse that’s for sure….also hence our email signatures / biz cards etc


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